OBS Kids Follow-up

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We will soon be starting to follow-up with mothers who have participated in the OBS and see how their children are doing. This will help us study what influences child development, particularly factors during pregnancy. Our long term goal is to find ways to help children reach their maximum potential. At this time we are planning to contact OBS mothers who have agreed to be contacted about future research when their OBS children reach the following ages: 8 months, 24 months, 36 months, and 4 years. If the mothers are willing to participate, we will do a telephone interview with mothers of children who are 8 months or 36 months old. At 24 months and 4 years we would like to do a visit at home to do some assessments of the child’s development. This extension of the OBS will help us meet our goal of learning more about the early life origins of later life health, learning, and social functioning.